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'Captain Marvel' soars with new trailer

'Captain Marvel' soars with new trailer

Captain Marvel has finally returned to Earth, as Marvel Studios released the second trailer for the hotly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe film on Monday, during the Washington Redskins-Philadelphia Eagles football game. 

The new trailer features Jackson's Fury given more insight into the evil Krull species and Danvers' Kree heritage. It also teases Captain Marvel in full action, flying through space and battling enemy ships.

The first trailer for the film was revealed in September. That trailer gave fans their first look at Brie Larson's Carol Danvers in action, as well as hinting at her mysterious past, which involves her seemingly being born on Earth but trained for war by the Kree Empire. Carol eventually goes on to join Starforce, an elite combat squad led by Jude Law's character in the film.

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